Welcome to Miyamori

Miyamori is situated in Gojome Town, Akita Prefecture in northeastern Japan. The company was founded by former Chairman, Miyata Morinosuke in 1962, hence the name Miyamori.

The company initially started out as a sawmill and has since diversified and grown to become one of Japan's leading producers of gluelam construction posts to the domestic housing industry. We are also an established producer of veneered posts, ceiling panels and fixtures for traditional Japanese 'tatami' rooms.


We import rough and planed sawn goods from Central Europe and Scandinavia in large quantities and would warmly welcome enquiries from sawmills able to supply lamstock to our specifications. If interested, kindly reply by e-mail to Takashi Kanbe at t.kanbe@miyamori.co.jp for further details. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Miyamori Company Limited, 195 Okiomote, Ookawa, Ookawa, Gojome, Akita, Japan
Tel +81 18875 2151 Fax +81 18875 5458